4864 Switch

4864 Wheatstone Switch

Scalability comes in the form of the Wheatstone 4864 Switch. It has massive bandwidth and is your gateway into the rock-solid Wheatstone Gibraltar audio network, enabling you to connect very large systems of Wheatstone I/O devices and consoles.

The 4864 Switch is the heart of the Wheatstone Gibraltar network. It's got the bandwidth to make blocking worries a thing of the past, but it's more than just a switch!

The 4864 is the central switch for all Gibraltar Networks and offers 48 ports, each supporting 128 channels of audio inputs and outputs plus control data. Two 4864 units provide complete auto-failover redundancy for Wheatstone’s Gibraltar Network  while simplifying configuration, installation and future expansion. Onboard X-Y Controllers provide rackroom source/destination control with access to all crosspoint metering and monitoring.

The 4864 Switch can switch 3072 audio channels to 3072 destinations – all at once, virtually latency free, without blockout. Systems can even be built with a pair of 4864 switches to give 100% instantaneous glitchless system-wide redundancy – a feat that cannot be guaranteed with other similar network technology.

We make 16, 24, 32, 40, and 48-port versions. Each port has capacity of 64 x 64 channels plus logic.


  • Built-in stereo speakers also provide system wide monitoring function
  • Simplified configuration, installation, and expansion of all Gibraltar systems
  • Provides simple point to point connection for up to 48 studios
  • Two 4864s provide complete system redundancy with auto-failover
  • Eliminates costly wiring run

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