SR-8 Studio Remote

SR-8 Studio Remote

The SR-8 is the answer to your Gibraltar Network access needs in places where a Gibraltar I/O frame won't fit or isn't needed. Providing local I/O on XLR connectors in a single rack space configuration, the SR-8 is ideal for studio, booth, or stage.

Not every application calls for our full-sized, 4RU Gibraltar Network Cage. Sometimes you've got a location where all that's needed is access for a few I/O channels. That's where the SR-8 comes in. Equipped with 8 XLR mic-line inputs with selectable phantom power and four XLR outputs, all front-panel accessible, the SR-8 connects via Cat 5 cabling back to a Gibraltar Network cage or switch. 

In addition, the SR-8 is stackable. Up to four SR-8 units can share a link back to the switch, making installation of up to 32 mic/line inputs and 16 outputs (or returns) using a single Cat 5 link to the network switch.

On the front panel are meters for all eight inputs, with phantom power status indicators. The four outputs are also individually metered. Front panel network link status indicators are also provided.

The SR-8 provides 12 universal logic ports for use in controlling or sensing external equipment. These could be used, for example, for tally light control. It is equipped with its own internal redundant power supply with dual mains inputs.


  • 1RU compact enclosure
  • 8 front-panel XLR Mic/Line inputs with switchable phantom power
  • 4 front-panel XLR Line outputs
  • Two AT (Cat 5) ports for connection to a network cage or switch
  • Front panel LED metering of all inputs and outputs
  • Per-channel front panel phantom power status indicators
  • Front panel network link status LEDs
  • Three LINK ports for stacking additional SR-8 Studio Remotes.
  • Stackable design allows up to 4 units to share one network port
  • 12 Universal logic ports on two "D" connectors.
  • Dual, redundant, internal power supply with dual mains inputs

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