Idea Factory: Video Series

Club Wheat: Inside The Idea Factory

We're often asked about the corporate culture at Wheatstone. And we kind of chuckle, because there really isn't a 'corporate culture.' It's a lot more like a bunch of really creative people who are constantly driven to make new and better audio gear for the broadcast world – all together in the same supportive environment. Every day. And it's no accident. THIS is the 'non-corporate culture' we strive for. Everyone having everything and every opportunity to do their best...and beyond. We are consistently proud and blown away by the results.

We asked some of our folks to go on camera and simply talk to each other. We think you'll like what they had to say... unrehearsed and unscripted.

Wheatstone Radio & Audioarts

Andy Calvanese, Jay Tyler and Dave Breithaupt discuss everything from Wheatstone's humble beginnings (as Audioarts) to their domination of the technology in the 'Audio For Broadcast' world.


Wheatstone Television & Audio Networking

Phil Owens, Paul Picard, Brad Harrison and Dave Breithaupt talk about the evolving role of audio for television and video and how Wheatstone is addressing it.


Wheatstone Audio Processing

In this video series, Jeff Keith, Steve Dove and Mike Erickson discuss anything and everything about audio processing for radio.


Wheatstone's People

Rhonda Parker, Jerry Jacobson and Alecia Davis talk about the human factor at Wheatstone as well as the depth of knowledge available from our customer service people.


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